Build a tower, avoid a Flumble!

1-4 Player

Stack blocks to build your tower but don’t cause a Flumble!
Challenge yourself in single player and see how high you can build.
Complete against friends to see who will be the 'Flumble Champion'!

Single Player permalink#

Play in single player mode with the aim of building your tower as high as possible while setting yourself a new record! You must fit each coloured block carefully into the tower, maintaining the balance and preventing a Flumble.

Flumble Single Player

Multiplayer (2-4) permalink#

You can play in multiplayer mode with up to 4 friends. Customise each game by selecting how many lives you want the players to have, as well as how wide you want the base of the tower to be. Once ready, you and your friends can begin playing! Players take it in turn to add blocks to the tower. Everyone has their own colour of blocks, creating a wonderfully colourful tower as it expands upwards. There is a colour-blind mode available for multiplayer. Once a player has run out of lives they are out and the game continues without them until one player remains. The last remaining player wins and can claim the title of the official 'Flumble Champion'!

Flumble Multiplayer

Free Play permalink#

If you are feeling creative you can play around in Free Play mode to build to your heart’s content. Using the toolbox at the side of the screen, you can choose the colour, shape, and even the size of each block you create! There are no limits with this game mode.

Flumble Title Screen

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