What a random logo!

Is that a potato? Wearing a tartan hat? Holding a games controller and sporting some seriously impressive eyebrows? Yes...yes it is. You might then wonder, and rightly so, what on earth is it all about? Because yes indeed we are a video games company, and not an organic potato farm who give our produce plenty of space, water and regular access to computer games whenever they want.

So what on earth inspired such a random logo? Well... us. Leask Studios is a family endeavour with many members of the Leask clan giving a helping hand (honestly, I’m not sure they know what they’ve got themselves in for). But at the heart of the company are two brothers: big bro, little bro... cardboard box. When we chatted with Jen (who designed our logo) she asked us to think about what makes us ‘us’, what are we all about? And well one thing led to another and the end result was this concoction.

If there’s anything that’s undeniable about us it’s that we love potatoes! Sausage and mash. Mince and tatties. In fact forget the meat altogether. A large bowl of boiled potatoes and a good blob of ketchup, that’ll do nicely! Our love of potatoes is such that we’ve even been growing them ourselves in tubs in the back garden. If we were abandoned on a desert island and could only have one thing with us? Yep you guessed it, we’d choose a handful of potatoes.

Ok, ok so that explains the spud, but what’s with the highland get up? Well, we’re Scottish. It really is that simple. There were a few renditions during the design process that included full dress, but they were quickly abandoned because with the kilt, hat and sash it was all becoming too much of a ‘Braveheart’ moment. The hat stayed because who doesn’t love a see you Jimmy hat?

And finally the eyebrows. Now this really is letting you in on a big secret. Many years ago, as bored siblings do, we came up with a secret language using our eyebrows. Think that old Cadbury’s advert but slightly less manic. Now that we’re adults it’s become a bit of a party piece with people getting us to send silent messages across a room.

And there you have it. We hope this has helped you get to know us a little better, the bonkers behind Leask Studios. We’re excited you’re here along for the ride. After the release of our first two games, Kerby and Flumble, we are hard at work on a couple of new projects and can’t wait for you to try them. In the meantime if anyone would actually like some organic potatoes, we’ve got plenty.

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