The street game that fits in your pocket!

1-2 Player

Kerby, inspired by the real life street game, is a fun single and multiplayer game where players take it in turns to drag and shoot the ball across the road. If the ball hits the kerb and bounces back, that's a point!

Kerby Main Menu Screen

Play by yourself to score a new high streak or play against a friend in a race to 10 points. Earn coins to buy quirky ball skins, mini games and exciting new locations to play in!

Beat your highest streak, work your way up the ranks and have fun!

Game Modes permalink#

The aim with single player is to get the highest streak you can. As your streak climbs, the coins do as well, earning more and more with each shot!
Multiplayer games are played with two people where each player takes turns taking their shot. The first player to reach 10 points wins!

Ranks permalink#

As you score more and more points, you work your way up the ranks from a Basic Baller to a Top Tier Tosser. Unlock different coloured basketballs as you climb the ranks!

Ball Skins permalink#

Fed up throwing the basketball? No problem, you can buy a variety of ball skins from the shop! You want to throw a watermelon at the kerb? You can do that! A Donut? You can do that too!

Locations permalink#

If you earn enough coins, you can unlock different locations to play Kerby!

Kerby Rainforest Location
Kerby Rainforest Location
Kerby Rainforest Location
Kerby Rainforest Location
Kerby Rainforest Location
Kerby Rainforest Location

Mini Games permalink#

There are 4 mini games that can be unlocked, each with new and unique game mechanics...

  Shot in the Dark permalink#

is similar to regular single player... but, as the name suggests, you can’t see the kerb. And you can win even more coins with this game!

Kerby Shot in the Dark Mini Game

  Double Kerb permalink#

is regular Kerby but requires extreme accuracy. You can only score by throwing the ball at the opposite kerb and having the ball successfully bounce back onto the second kerb. Although very difficult, many coins will stream your way if achieved.

  Golden Kerb permalink#

is a little harder, since you are no longer throwing a ball, instead, a small coin. Each shot scored builds up your total jackpot, but miss and you lose it all. Are you sure you want to risk another shot?

  Mars Mission permalink#

is where Kerby meets Space! Some aliens don’t like the game so are trying to stop you from hitting the kerb. Avoid the flying spaceships to hit the kerb and win big!

Kerby Mars Mission Mini Game

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